Summer Registration is now available via the 2019-2020 link below.  Students registering for the remainder of this dance semester (through May 30, 2019) are required to print the Registration Packet below.  

Please scroll down and print release waivers to be submitted at or before your first class.   


(2019/ 2020 Handbook TBA)

2019- 2020 Adult registration

Release Waivers & Printable Registrations

Please Print & send/ bring in at or before your first class 

*As we transition to our new class set-up, current students will not be required to re-submit release waivers until 202

adult release waivers 2019- 2020 (pdf)


Registration (Adult) 2018- 2019 (pdf)


Privacy Policy

We do not share private information with others. Release waivers and contact information may be shared with medical personnel in the event of an emergency.  As always, please use your own judgement when submitting information online.